removing the secmem warning

Frank Tobin
Mon Jan 7 19:32:02 2002

I'd like to question the need for the secmem warning.  Do you actually
think it is useful?  I am coming to the conclusion that it is only causing
confusion among users.  As the GnuPG users crowd widens, we're only going
to see more of the same issue of people asking "what is this error?".

It's not the asking that is the problem; it is a symptom of many users
being confused, many that *aren't posting* and think there is a problem
with their GnuPG.  FAQ's don't help unless they are integrated with the
software (GnuPG's FAQ isn't).  manpages help a bit, but they are reference
manuals, not help systems.

Hence, I suggest that by default, there no secmem warning, and that there
should be an alternate option "secmem warning" which turns it on.

What sayeth you?

Frank Tobin