removing the secmem warning

David Champion
Mon Jan 7 21:36:01 2002

On 2002.01.07, in <>,
	"Frank Tobin" <> wrote:
> > gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
> > see for information
> I strongly think that the URL should *not* contain section numbers.  This
> makes the URL much more likely to break over time.  On a similar note, I

I like having section number anchors in the documents, but long-term
external references should point to textual anchor tags to avoid this
problem. Sections can have multiple anchor tags, including a short
textual one:

    <a name="q6.1">
    <a name="warning_insecure_memory">
    <h3>6.1) Why do I get &quot;gpg: Warning: using insecure

It can be desirable to refer to text by topic or by its organizational
place -- this provides both.

 -D.	NSIT	University of Chicago