removing the secmem warning

Frank Tobin
Mon Jan 7 23:44:01 2002

Stefan Bellon, at 23:02 +0100 on 2002-01-07, wrote:

> In a security software, I want to know about all security concerns that
> may occur! If I decide to ignore them, then I may do so, but at first I
> want that the program doesn't hide any potential problems away from me.

There are a heck of a lot more security concerns that GnuPG could tell you
about than just the secmem warning, such as anyone else logged onto the
system, any network connection, the location of the gpg binary that you're
running, if your OS has any security holes, etc, etc.  All of these issues
can affect your GnuPG session's security directly or indirectly.
However, their existence doesn't mean that GnuPG should be warning you
about them.

You're using an inffective blanket argument.

Frank Tobin