removing the secmem warning

Ricardo SIGNES
Tue Jan 8 17:12:01 2002

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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 08:16:57AM -0600, Ronald Beck wrote:
> Regardless of whether gpg could tell me all about my system security
> holes or not, if any application is going to provide me with a warning
> that something isn't right, a link to more information would be greatly
> appreciated.  It drives me crazy the number of applications out now that
> provide error codes indicating some sort of failure with no reference to
> where the codes can be found to describe what the problem is.  A
> reference to where more information about the error or warning would be
> a definite plus.  That way you could make an informed decision whether
> to correct the problem or ignore it.

What would be really great would be something on the order of:

With a scheme vaguely like that, all error codes in gpg can link to more
information at a reliable location.


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