removing the secmem warning

Werner Koch
Tue Jan 8 17:56:02 2002

[I have not read any of the previous message in this thread]

On Tue, 08 Jan 2002 08:16:57 -0600, Ronald Beck said:

> where the codes can be found to describe what the problem is.  A
> reference to where more information about the error or warning would be
> a definite plus.  That way you could make an informed decision whether
> to correct the problem or ignore it.

>From the man page:

       On many  systems  this  program  should  be  installed  as
       setuid(root).  This  is  necessary  to  lock memory pages.
       Locking memory pages prevents the  operating  system  from
       writing  memory  pages to disk. If you get no warning mes­
       sage about insecure memory your operating system  supports
       locking  without being root. The program drops root privi­
       leges as soon as locked memory is allocated.

If you get a warning it should be pretty obvious to consult the man
page and the BUGS section should definitely be something to read then.

For more information we have the FAQ:


6.1) Why do I get "gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!"




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