removing the secmem warning

Frank Tobin
Tue Jan 8 19:48:02 2002

Werner Koch, at 17:59 +0100 on 2002-01-08, wrote:

> If you get a warning it should be pretty obvious to consult the man
> page and the BUGS section should definitely be something to read then.

Warnings != bugs.

> For more information we have the FAQ:

I'll bet 99% of users don't know where their GnuPG FAQ is at on their
system, if it's installed at all.  Furthermore, the FAQ is not linked from
the top page at  Furthermore, I'll bet it does
*not* pop into users' head to go to the website to check a FAQ.  They
expect programs to be self-explaining as much as possible.  Explictly
giving URL in warning is a great way to go.

Sorry Werner, but you haven't been a 'user' for a long time.

Frank Tobin