removing the secmem warning

Owen Blacker
Fri Jan 11 14:09:01 2002

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David Shaw wrote (2002-01-07 T 14:00 -0500):
> One of the points of warnings is to warn someone about a situation
> they did not know about.  In this case, the user would have to be
> already aware of the issue to know they needed to enable the
> warning. That defeats the purpose of a warning.
> I think something like this would be better:
> gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
> gpg: Please read

I very much agree.

> There is already a similar refer-to-this-web-page in the 1.0.7 test
> version for users missing the IDEA plugin.

There is?  Would someone mind sending me the URI?  I keep failing to get
round to installing the IDEA plugin and I don't have a busy weekend
planned this weekend  :)

Am I right in thinking it's solely a patents / IP issue that prevents
IDEA being in there by default?  I know someone's answered this for me
before (prolly more than once), I just forget.  Sorry all  :o)

All the best,

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