removing the secmem warning

David Shaw
Fri Jan 11 17:40:02 2002

On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 01:06:09PM +0000, Owen Blacker wrote:

> > There is already a similar refer-to-this-web-page in the 1.0.7 test
> > version for users missing the IDEA plugin.
> There is?  Would someone mind sending me the URI?  I keep failing to get
> round to installing the IDEA plugin and I don't have a busy weekend
> planned this weekend  :)
> Am I right in thinking it's solely a patents / IP issue that prevents
> IDEA being in there by default?  I know someone's answered this for me
> before (prolly more than once), I just forget.  Sorry all  :o)

I believe you are right.  If the algorithm wasn't patented (or was
patented but with a GPL-compatible licence grant), there wouldn't be
an issue.

The error message is:

gpg: the IDEA cipher plugin is not present
gpg: please see for more information

The web page doesn't point to where the plugin code can be downloaded
though - it's just an explanation of the patent problem.


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