Sylpheed can't verify signature?

Nick Wilson
Fri Jan 18 15:56:02 2002

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* On 18-01-02 at 14:36 
* Dallam Wych said....

> Hi List,
> A quick question please. Gnupg is new to me, I have only been using
> it for a few weeks now. For numerous reasons I like the idea that
> mail is signed and that I can identify that it really did come from
> where it claims. However, on one (of the dozen) lists I subscribe to
> someone has complained that I sign my mail when I post. They say
> that Sylpheed pops up an annoying dialouge box ":can't verify
> signature from?".
> Could someone please enlighten me as to why this is? I have a dial
> up account here, so at peak times I fetch my mail and disconnect and
> read it offline. This is the only time I get something like
> signature can't be verified. I know that my sig is verifiable, so is
> his mailer misconfigured or is he just offline and can't be asked to
> ever verify it? I don't know anything about Sylpheed, except that
> apparently it has pop up dialouge boxes :)
> Regards,
> Dallam

This is a good question for the mutt list. 
In brief it may be that Sylpheed cannot handle pgp mime types, you'l
find Outhouse can't either and this can be fixed with some patches for
Mail me privately or post to for details.

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