using --status-fd

Timo Schulz
Sat Jan 19 19:19:01 2002

On Sat Jan 19 2002; 18:22, Sven-S. Porst wrote:


> finished asking questions (say for passphrases or whether I want to use
> unsinged keys) and when I can begin to write the actual message that is
> to be encrypted or signed. There doesn't seem to be a message sent by gpg
> for this - so how can I tell?

If I understand your problem, you don't know how to handle GPG
questions? With the --command-fd switch you can use a file descriptor
to send the answers. For example:

gpg --status-fd=2 --command-fd=0 --sign foo

[GNUPG:] GET_HIDDEN passphrase.enter
>> bar