GnuPG (GPGME) & Sylpheed ?

Bill Thompson
Wed Jan 23 18:22:01 2002

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On Wed, 23 Jan 2002 15:14:25 +0100
Rob <> wrote:

> hi all,
> in my search for the perfect Linux mailer - which is quite hard, after
> using TheBat! in mickeysoft's OS :) - i'm having a look at Sylpheed. i
> compiled it with GPGME and did some tests with my own accounts ; it
> seems to work well, but it doesn't check (or show) the signatures in
> this mailing list ?! anybody else here using this combo who can give me
> a hint ??

Perhaps you should amend that to the perfect Linux GUI mailer to keep the 
Mutt Maniacs at bay 

Sylpheed support for GnuPG is still under hot debate and very beta. Check 
out the Sylpheed and Sylpheed-Claws mailing lists to get into the action. 
Currently, the GPG support is limited to PGP/MIME encryption and 
decryption. Plain Text ASCII encryption and decryption needs to be handled
outside of the Sylpheed program. I have also had some problems verifing 
some signatures from some mailers, but I have not been able to pin down 
the exact cause. However I was able to verify the MIME signature on Ken 
Wahl's rely to you with no 
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