GnuPG (GPGME) & Sylpheed ?

Werner Koch
Wed Jan 23 19:22:01 2002

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:20:40 -0800, Bill Thompson said:

> Currently, the GPG support is limited to PGP/MIME encryption and 
> decryption. Plain Text ASCII encryption and decryption needs to be handled

And signing of course.

I chose to implement PGP/MIME because this is the Right Thing to do
(see this ML's archive before starting another thread on this).  Mutt
does it the same way.

Because there other projects I am busy working on, I had no time to
give the thing a last finish and expected the Sylpheed hackers to
continue the work.  There is one patch which enables verification of
cleartext signatures; but I don't know its status - adding such stuff
to Sylpheed is not really complicated, so maybe you can help out.

I might look at Sylpheed again in a few weeks to add S/MIME support
but I can't promise that.


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