signed messages & mutt

Lars Hecking
Thu Jan 24 20:58:02 2002

Davide Cavallari writes:
> Sometimes I  get messages  that can't automatically  be verified  by mutt.
> Really it  doesn't recognize them  as signed at all  (I can't see  the "s"
> flag). This is a typical message body:
> Hash: SHA1
> [message...]

 Type "?" while in mutt's index:

 <Esc>P      check-traditional-pgp  check for classic pgp

 That is "Escape-shift-p". A lower-case s will appear and you can
 then go on to verify the message just like a PGP/MIME signed message.

 I am not sure whether this feature is available in the version of
 mutt you are using.