gnupg compilation under MS Visual Studio

Timo Schulz
Sun Jan 27 19:07:01 2002

On Sun Jan 27 2002; 18:53, magali wrote:

> I'm going to compile GNUPG under MS Visual C##, but before trying it, 
> I'm asking the community if anybody have done it before?

Yes, I tried and I also succeed. But you need some handwork because
the code is optimized for the MingW32/CygW32 set. As a result it uses
some constants which are not available in the plain W32 API. But you
can easily add them.

> Does that work seem possible or not ? what do I need except GNUPG 
> sources ?

It's possible and you only need the source. It's a little work but
you only need to do it once.