encrypted gif

Daniel A Dryden ddryden@sofnet.com
Sun Jan 27 20:51:01 2002

On Sun Jan 27 2002; 04:04, Daniel A Dryden wrote:


> My question is can gpg encrypt .jpegs .gifs etc... ??

GPG doesn't care for the format behind the file extension. It
can encrypt all kind of data formats, including those of pictures.

> Here's what I did: "gpg -ea foo.jpg ".
> It encrypted with the --armour switch to ascii very nicely.
> And it named it foo.jpg.gpg.asc
> But when I ran: gpg -d foo, well,

When you use "gpg -d foo.jpg.gpg.asc" it asks you for the
passphrase and then it should work. You've to use the full name of the
file (that contains the ciphertext), not the name of the plaintext.


Timo, I tried "gpg -d foo.jpg.gpg.asc" , then typed in the pass phrase
and all that happened was  my terminal turned into a Matrix screensaver !
Garble. BTW it is a Gif file.  I can't find any documentation regarding encrypted
Thanks for your help regardless.