ASCII versus BINARY ftp of encrypted file -- post ftp fixup?

Steve Butler
Mon Jan 28 21:43:02 2002

After doing an xdd dump of the file, it appears the parity bit came through.
Since the originating system is a windows box, I'm wondering if the only
change was to drop the <CR> and keep the <LF>.

Now, I've already tried inserting a <CR> everywhere I found an <LF> but that
left the file in worse shape (don't worry, the original, as received, is
still available).  It appears there are 360 places where the <LF> occurs.  I
guess it's experiment time to see which ones actually had a <CR> in front of

When driving gpg from the command line it does leave a rather large section
of the file decrypted.  Inspecting this output leads me to believe there may
be only one <CR> that should be inserted rather late in the file. 

Is there a spot late in the file where OpenPG requires a line break (which
on a Windows box would be <CR><LF>)?

Now, if the sender would just return my phone calls -- my usually contact is
on vacation <<sigh>>.

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From: Ricardo SIGNES []

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 08:27:29PM +0100, Janusz A. Urbanowicz wrote:
> Steve Butler wrote/napisa?[a]/schrieb:
> > Has anybody played with doing a post-FTP fixup of such a file?
> > on how we might recover the file without having the sender ftp it again?

> I don't think it is possible. Make him use ascii armor.

I agree with Alex.  Once that 8th bit is gone, it's gone.  There's no


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