ASCII versus BINARY ftp of encrypted file -- post ftp fixup?

Ingo Klöcker
Tue Jan 29 00:12:11 2002

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On Monday 28 January 2002 21:39, Steve Butler wrote:
> After doing an xdd dump of the file, it appears the parity bit came
> through. Since the originating system is a windows box, I'm wondering
> if the only change was to drop the <CR> and keep the <LF>.
> Now, I've already tried inserting a <CR> everywhere I found an <LF>
> but that left the file in worse shape (don't worry, the original, as
> received, is still available).  It appears there are 360 places where
> the <LF> occurs.  I guess it's experiment time to see which ones
> actually had a <CR> in front of them.
> When driving gpg from the command line it does leave a rather large
> section of the file decrypted.  Inspecting this output leads me to
> believe there may be only one <CR> that should be inserted rather
> late in the file.
> Is there a spot late in the file where OpenPG requires a line break
> (which on a Windows box would be <CR><LF>)?

No. As the file is a binary file gpg doesn't expect any line breaks in 
this file.

For your information, I once fixed a bunch of jpegs which where broken 
in a similar way. I could fix images with up to 6 (six) errors. Trying 
to fix a file with up to 360 possible errors is IMO hopeless. But maybe 
you have luck. It would help if you knew the original file size. But 
the best (and easiest) way to solve your problem would of course be to 
make your client resend the file in BIN format.

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