AW: adjusting the key verification level after signing it

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Mon Jul 1 15:58:01 2002

> > What you can do is either delete or revoke
> Are you saying that I can either delete the signature or revoke it, or
> are you just using "revoke" to clarify your use of "delete" (i.e.
> delete and revoke are the same thing)?

As long as the key material hasn't left your machine, you can delete 
the signature and it's gone. Once you've exported it to e.g. a key
server, you'll have to revoke it or leave it there.
> > the old signature and then
> > re-sign the key with whatever class you like.
> When I revoke a signature what happens exactly?  Is my signature still
> present in the key and another "blob" of data added revoking it, 


> or does my signature get removed altogether?