GnuPG 1.1.90 released

Werner Koch
Mon Jul 1 18:08:03 2002


David already mentioned that we are heading for 1.2 and that the
version numbers changed a bit.  So here is the first release of a
*development version* using the new numbering scheme. (2.4M)

and a diff against 1.0.7:

Although this is a development version, I created a Windows binary so
you can poke on it: (975k)

And here are the news:

    * New commands: --personal-cipher-preferences,
      --personal-digest-preferences, and
      --personal-compress-preferences allow the user to specify which
      algorithms are to be preferred.  Note that this does not permit
      using an algorithm that is not present in the recipient's
      preferences (which would violate the OpenPGP standard).  This
      just allows sorting the preferences differently.

    * New "group" command to refer to several keys with one name.

    * A warning is issued if the user forces the use of an algorithm
      that is not listed in the recipient's preferences.

    * Full revocation key (aka "designated revoker") support.

    * The preferred hash algorithms on a key are consulted when
      encrypting a signed message to that key.  Note that this is
      disabled by default by a SHA1 preference in

    * --cert-digest-algo allows the user to specify the hash algorithm
      to use when signing a key rather than the default SHA1 (or MD5
      for PGP2 keys).  Do not use this feature unless you fully
      understand the implications of this.

    * --pgp7 mode automatically sets all necessary options to ensure
      that the resulting message will be usable by a user of PGP 7.x.

    * New --attribute-fd command for frontends and scripts to get the
      contents of attribute packets (i.e. photos)

    * In expert mode, the user can now re-sign a v3 key with a v4
      self-signature.  This does not change the v3 key into a v4 key,
      but it does allow the user to use preferences, primary ID flags,

    * Significantly improved photo ID support on non-unixlike

    * The version number has jumped ahead to 1.1.90 to skip over the
      old version 1.1 and to get ready for the upcoming 1.2.

    * ElGamal sign and encrypt is not anymore allowed in the key
      generation dialog unless in expert mode.  RSA sign and encrypt
      has been added with the same restrictions.

    * [W32] Keyserver access does work with Windows NT.