New hashes - what to do to enable them

Keith Ray
Thu Jul 4 19:11:01 2002

Quoting Arild Bj=F8rk <>:

> I've been playing around with the both the 1.1.90-release of Nullify
> and different 1.07-releases, but I can't get other sign hashes then
> SHA-1 and RIPEMD160 to work with the standard DSA/ElGamal-key. I've
> tried to change preferences of the key but if I sign with SHA512 the
> top ----- line is OK, but there is no ending with signature.
> I'm using:
> GPGshell 2.41
> Nullify 1.1.90 nr1-release
> Win98SE

GnuPG only supports 160-bit hashes for DSA signatures.  Unfortunately, GP=
is hiding the error message from you.  You can create an RSAv4 key if you=
to try the longer hashes.

  -- Keith