HTML e-mail (was: unaccessible ?)

Charly Avital
Tue Jul 9 00:20:04 2002

On 7/8/02 7:25 PM, "Adam Pavelec" <> wrote:

> An off-topic question:
> What are your opinions on HTML e-mail?  In response to a previous post re:
> attaching Public Key information to an e-mail, personally, I have been using a
> template such as the one being used in this message which points to the search
> results of a Public Keyserver.  I understand that a lot of veterans despise
> HTML e-mail.  So, what are *your* thoughts?!?
> Sincerely,
> Adam Pavelec

I do not despise HTML e-mail.
But I think that unless it serves a specific professional purpose, it is
mostly a source of entertainment for some people who like to adorn their
communications. They have, probably, the right to do so, but personally I
consider it annoying, and a waste of time and bandwidth. I never use it,