www.gnupg.org unaccessible ? (Adam Pavelec)

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x@kr6x.com
Mon Jul 8 19:19:02 2002

If you are referring to web sites that allow HTTP (preferably HTTPS) access
to e-mail servers,
I was quite pleasantly pleased with one of the packages that is available
for use on Linux.  It
also provided POP3 and IMAP4 access to the same account.  I've also had a
working Microsoft
Exchange implementation with roughly the same features, but it was
incredibly expensive and
only offerred a small speed improvement over the free Linux implementation.
These software
packages have the advantage that your Netscape messenger can use the IMAP4
features when
you have a high speed connection from your home or office, or use the POP3
access when you
dial up your lap top from the hotel room over a modem, then when you are in
an internet cafe in
Paris and don't have your laptop along, their browser can access the web
mail version.  All 3
work seamlessly on the same e-mail accounts.

But I would never suggest that anyone should accept the limitations that are
inheirent with
most web-based e-mail services like Hotmail, etc.

On the other hand, if by HTML e-mail you are referring to HTML formatting of
e-mail contents,
I have come to equate this with spamming -- wanton self-absorbed abuse of
the freedom of
the internet.  The vast majority of the HTML formatted e-mail I receive, and
come to think of
it the vast majority of the e-mail bandwidth that I receive, is indeed
unsolicited and unwanted
commercial advertising.

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It looks like the machine is alive, and the web server is responding, but it
doesn't seem to be serving any content right now.

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An off-topic question:

What are your opinions on HTML e-mail?  In response to a previous post re:
attaching Public Key information to an e-mail, personally, I have been using
a template such as the one being used in this message which points to the
search results of a Public Keyserver.  I understand that a lot of veterans
despise HTML e-mail.  So, what are *your* thoughts?!?

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> Hi there,
> is www.gnupg.org down or what happened ?
> <paranoia mode>
> hopefully nobody will ever be able to hack and compromise
> our beloved site...
> <\paranoia mode>
> [malte_gell@eingang] ~ > traceroute www.gnupg.org
> traceroute to trithemius.gnupg.org (, 30 hops max, 40 byte
> packets
>  1 (  59 ms  60 ms  60 ms
>  2 (  59 ms  58 ms  58 ms
>  3  F-gw12.F.net.DTAG.DE (  60 ms  59 ms  61 ms
>  4  pos2-0-bb2-FFM1.de.cw.net (  67 ms  67 ms  68 ms
>  5  ge9-0-bb1-FFM1.de.cw.net (  69 ms  68 ms  68 ms
>  6  so-0-0-0-crj1-DUS2.de.cw.net (  73 ms  72 ms  72 ms
>  7  openit-gw-DUS2.de.cw.net (  75 ms  72 ms  72 ms
>  8  fe5.cr1.dus.openit.net (  74 ms  73 ms  74 ms
>  9  * * *
> 10  * * *
> 11  * * *
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