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Mon Jul 8 18:51:02 2002

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On 08-Jul-2002/12:25 -0400, Adam Pavelec <apavelec@benefit-services.com> wrote:
>An off-topic question:
>What are your opinions on HTML e-mail?  In response to a previous post
>re: attaching Public Key information to an e-mail, personally, I have
>been using a template such as the one being used in this message which
>points to the search results of a Public Keyserver.  I understand that a
>lot of veterans despise HTML e-mail.  So, what are *your* thoughts?!?

I dislike HTML mail. Plain text is more reliable, transfers and displays
faster, and takes up less storage space. It's easier to process with
custom written tools and it's easier to sign/encrypt.

Sometimes HTML mail can be useful when formatting is required, but most of
the time it's just a waste of bandwidth and diskspace. Some people use
crazy fonts and colors, or have a background mage that makes the text hard
to read... a lot like some web sites.

I read mail in a mailer that does not natively support HTML, although I
can view HTML if I like by lauching a browser as a viewer. But if there is
no plain text message part and I have to choose between launching a
browser and deleting the message, delete generally wins.

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