Bad signature? (was Re: Length of public key?)

Anthony E. Greene
Wed Jul 10 19:55:02 2002

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On 10-Jul-2002/11:02 +0100, Daniel Rees <> wrote:
>Thanks for the detail - you are quite right that it is Evolution's
>fault, because manually exporting messages and verifying with "gpg
>--veryify" produces a good signature when evolution reports a bad
>Perhaps I should consider using a different mail user agent for the time
>being. :)

I get a total of over 200 messages a day from friends, mailing lists, and
spammers. I respond to a dozen or two each day. I'm a fairly good typist
for a non-clerical worker, so I find using the keyboard exclusively to be
faster than alternating between the keyboard and a mouse.

So I use fetchmail, procmail, and mutt/vim, and sendmail to handle mail.

Fetchmail is relatively easy to configure and I only have to setup my
accounts once, no matter how many times I change mail clients.

Procmail is the best mail filter utility I've ever seen. It's fast,
configurable, and extensible. It's easy to setup for basic filtering using
the examples in the procmailex man page.

Mutt is so configurable that you basically need to copy someone else's
~/.muttrc to get started. That presents something of a learning curve, but
the payoff in power is worth it. I put it off for a while and continued to
use Pine (which is also no slouch in the power department). Then one day I
got tired of listening to mutt users talk about how great it is. I got a
muttrc file of the 'net and got started. Now I'll never go back. You can
makeup key combinations and macros to do just about anything. It has good
support for PGP/MIME using either PGP or GnuPG and can handle in-line PGP
messages if you use procmail to change the MIME type so that mutt thinks
it's PGP/MIME instead of text/plain. I use procmail for that task. Another
way to view in-line PGP messages is to tell mutt to pipe the message to
GPG and 'less'. It's not as functional as the PGP/MIME hack, but it works.

I use vim as my editor because I use it for everything else anyway. I just
setup a vimrc file that includes macros for clearsign, encrypt, and
sign+encrypt. After editing, I use a macro like ":cs" to clearsign, enter
my password, save (ZZ), and send (y).

This may not be for everyone, but I've found that it works really well for
me and lets me handle a lot of mail each day without getting swamped. And
I never have a problem with GPG that is related to the mailer.

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