Bad signature? (was Re: Length of public key?)

Calum Selkirk Calum Selkirk <>
Sat Jul 20 01:12:02 2002

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* Anthony E. Greene [] [2002-07-10 13:55 -0400]:

>  It has good support for PGP/MIME using either PGP or GnuPG and can
>  handle in-line PGP messages if you use procmail to change the MIME
>  type so that mutt thinks it's PGP/MIME instead of text/plain. I use
>  procmail for that task. Another way to view in-line PGP messages is
>  to tell mutt to pipe the message to GPG and 'less'. It's not as
>  functional as the PGP/MIME hack, but it works.

The procmail content-type mangling is depreciated, it will sometimes
break the msg (it doesn't happen often but i can assure you it *does*
happen). The present (mutt-1.4 and also in the later 1.3.x tree) method
is ESC-P (that is cap "P") .. no need to pipe :)

Also, for further fuctionality with inline-signing, there is a patch for
mutt to sign inline, or switch ask={yes,no} when signing messages. A
search of the mutt-users list should find you a URL (sorry, can't seem
to find it here). With the patch you can then add the following to your

set pgp_create_traditional=ask-no # or =ask-yes or =yes

This can also be used from a send-hook etc



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