v3/v4 keys - v3/v4 signatures

Ivo Alxneit ivo.alxneit@psi.ch
Thu Jul 11 16:26:01 2002

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i generated my standard DSA/ElGamal key with gnupg 1.0.6 and probably
had (inadvertedly) 'force-v3-sigs' in my options file. at least i have a
v3 self-signature on my v4 key(v4 right?). why a v3 signature?
'force-v3-sigs' only affects data signatures but not key certificates.

now i removed 'force-v3-sigs' from my options file and i found that
whatever key i sign (i.e. certify) gets a v3 signature. is this correct?
from the man pages i understand that a v4 key by default certifies keys
with a v4 signature. 'force-v3-sigs' only affects signatures of data but
not of keys. the only thing you can gnupg force to do is to sign a v3
key with a v4 signature ('force-v4-certs').

could anybody please clarify the behavior (or my misunderstanding)
Dr. Ivo Alxneit
Laboratory for Solar Technology   phone: +41 56 310 4092
CH-5232 Villigen                    fax: +41 56 310 2624
Paul Scherrer Institute
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