Decryption Automation Question

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Sun Jul 21 15:58:01 2002

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>Subject: Decryption Automation Question
>Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:03:57 -0400
>How do I use gnupg in an automated environment. I'm having problems with
>the password parameter. Please respond if you have any suggestions. I'm
>trying to create a batch file that I can call from a VB application.
>Carrisa Baptiste
>Programmer Analyst


If you want to be able to use GPG.EXE and pass parameters to it from a VB application, take a look at a windows DLL that has 
been created specifically for that purpose.  It is available at  and you want to download 
the "Cryptotw.dll."  In it, there is a readme file that will show you how to make the declarations to the dll (all in the zip archive).  
This DLL does not have a .tlb file, so you have to make the declarations in VB.  This is the final release candidate (v and 
the release should happen very soon.

It has been tested with GPG version 1.0.6-2, and will be tested with upcoming versions as soon as their windows versions are 
certified and available.

Hope this helps

Rafi Avital