Per-user settings on windows 2000, XP

Ryan Malayter
Tue Jul 23 23:54:02 2002

I've done a some investigation in this area, but I've gotten a bit
stuck. Maybe someone already has a set of best practices for this. I
want to implement GnuPG for multiple users on a windows machine,
while allowing each user to have his or her own keyrings (one of the
few things the last 7.x iterations of NAI PGP actually did quite

To make GnuPG work like a well-behaved windows app, I want to install
the executables in C:\Program Files\GnuPG, and have per-user options
and keyrings read from the C:\Documents and
Settings\username\Application Data directories. Now, I know I can use
the --homedir parameter, which sounds ideal, but this doesn't do
anything in an options file. I can't seem to get windows environment
variables like %username% or %userprofile% to expand from an options
file, either.=20

Is anyone implementing GnuPG in a multi-user Windows environment? Did
you make changes to the source code to allow for expansion of the
windows environment variables? Can I use reg_expand_SZ settings for the
GnuPG registry keys?=20

Or am I missing some easier way?

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