GPG without any local files? (Gerben Wierda)

Leigh S. Jones
Wed Jul 24 07:22:02 2002

Have you considered a "RAM disk" approach to this?  A buffer in
RAM memory is mounted and addressed in a fashion similar to a
drive partition.  A directory in the "RAM disk" becomes the home
directory.  Command-line options handle the details.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 1:19 PM
Subject: GPG without any local files?

> Is it possible to run gpg for verifying a signature, but without a
> homedir, options file, pubring.pgp, etc? Ideally I was thinking
> having gpg get the key from a server (it's trust will of course be
> and use that for verifying a detached sig. Currently I can do that
> creating a temporary homedir in /tmp with an empty options file (and
> pubring is created there), but I would prefer if gpg would do
> in memory.
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