GPGME vs GPAPA vs home-made wrapper

Tiago Antao
Wed Jul 24 13:18:01 2002


Could someone please help me with this: We develop and maintain a whois=20
server that uses gpg (automatically, not manually). We currenlty use a=20
home developed interface which has some problems and we are thinking in=20
replacing it by something else.

The alternatives that I saw were
GPGME, which is said to be alpha but after a first inspection it seems=20
to be in a better state than that
GPAPA which is tied with GPA.

I would like to know what would be your recommendation for a system that=20
  needs to be very stable with frozen APIs: GPGME or GPAPA or maintain=20
our home made stuff or other alternative?

Thanks very much for any comments
Tiago Ant=E3o - RIPE NCC