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Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder
Fri Jul 26 09:33:02 2002

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On Thu, 2002-07-25 at 22:26, Robert Cole wrote:
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> I haven't encrypted messages in a long time and I was wondering if kmail =
> behaving correctly. When I go to email someone that has a key on my keyri=
> and encrypt it I get a pop up box in kmail that says a match couldn't be
> found and to pick one from the list. Well the only one I can pick that wi=
> let me thru is my own key. Is that correct?
> I'm not sure if I should post this question in the kde forum or here so I
> decided to start here.

The problem is probably that you want to encrypt to an untrusted key -
gpg won't allow that without special options (or would it just warn?
Don't remember).

The solution is to either gpg --edit the key and set it to be trusted,
or to sign the key locally (please don't export signatures on keys that
you haven't verified ... but you know that, I guess) with your own key.

Or, the problem could be that you recently upgraded from gpg 1.0.6: then
you probably haven't read the release-notes, and the problem is that you
don't trust your own key. (solution: read the release notes for 1.0.7,
set your own key to 'ultimate trust', rebuild the trustdb).

-- vbi

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