remove non PGP blocks data

Fri Jul 26 14:42:02 2002

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> Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 13:16:05 -0500
> From: Greg Strong <>
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> Subject: option "remove non-PGP blocks data"?
> Hello gnupg-users,
> What does the option "remove non-PGP blocks data" do?
> I couldn't find it in the file.
because it is not a gnupg option, and does not apply at all to gnupg

in pgp > 5, the pgp viewer displays 'all' contents on the screen, not just
the decryption or verification of a message block
{gnupg does not do this, and never has}

this, at best, adds extra distractions to the actual pgp message content,
and, at worst, can lead to some exploits that 'might' fool some new users

the 'remove non-PGP blocks data' is a default option added to all ckt builds
from 6 and on, so that the viewer will
display only the pgp message contents,
(and the encryption or signature details; which hash, which symmetric
the signing and encryption key id's, date and time, etc.)

to see what happens 'without' this option, you would need a non-ckt pgp
then check here: