Moving to 1.0.7

Janusz A. Urbanowicz
Fri Jul 26 11:15:02 2002

> Hello,
> I have a couple of questions about 1.0.7.  I hope that someone can help.
> 1)  There seems to me a new trust level.  In addition to "I trust fully",
> there is "I trust ultimately".
> What is the difference between these two levels?
> How much should I trust myself? "ultimately" I suppose?

Ultimate trust is for keys you have secret key for. Yes, it is you who you
trust ultimately.

> 2)  I already have a 1024 bit ElGamal key.  I'd like to start using a 2048
> bit key now instead.
> I suppose that I have to create a second key.  Can I still maintain my old
> key, for the purpose of the messages that I have already signed?

Or you may want to create a elgamal subkey so you don't have separate keys.
> -----------------
> The next two questions are not specific to 1.0.7
> 1) How do you change the "default" key?

using --default-key directive?

> 2) I can encrypt to myself using "--recipient daniel" instead of the
> actual UID.
> How does gpg know that "daniel" is me?

By looking in user ids on keys.

> The name on my key is "Daniel Carrera".  Does gpg do an approximate
> match?

> When I create my second key, my name will still be "Daniel Carrera".
> How will gpg know who "daniel" is?  Can I arrange for my new key to be
> "daniel" and the old one to be "daniel-old".


You will have to switch to using key IDs.

> 3) Where can I learn about subkeys?

RFC2440 seems appropriate.