Moving to 1.0.7

Thu Jul 25 20:09:02 2002

> 2)  I already have a 1024 bit ElGamal key.  I'd like to start using a
> 2048 bit key now instead.

in theory you can have as many keys as you want.  I try to keep my number
of keys to a minimum.  I have 2 sets of keys.  1 for signing/encrypting
and 1 for encrypting (the later one is a larger key).  When you get new
email accounts that you want to add, you can add an email account to an
existing key.  Removing it later is not as easy so just dont add every
little email address in the world that you have.  But anyone of the ones
you have that is permament (or I should say semi-permament) is a good

> I suppose that I have to create a second key.  Can I still maintain my
> old key, for the purpose of the messages that I have already signed?

yes and you can use either key.  They both will be on you private keyring
and public keyring.


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