Newbie on Win platform

Clough, Samuel
Fri Jul 26 22:09:02 2002

	It probably depends on the person.  I had no experience with pgp,
gpg, or encryption in general about a month ago, but I installed gpg on
Windows nt, joined this list, and then learned while moving some of our
companies encryption from pgp to gpg and writing a very simple dll wrapper
for it.  
	I installed gpgshell early on and started it twice but was a little
confused by it and just went back to the command line.  I haven't opened it
since.  For me, unless it just takes more time I'd rather just do it at the
command prompt then launch a gui.  Perhaps that's one reason I prefer unix
type systems over windows even though I'm forced to work almost exclusively
on nt. Some people are like me some aren't, that's why I suggested look at
the commands in the man page. If it makes sense, run it and if you want a
gui then install the shell.  

	Regardless, whatever gets our friend up and running.

I don't agree with your help. If your are new (ie. "Newbie") to GPG or PGP
for that matter there is a learning curve which is substantial. I was a new
user a few months ago. IMHO I think installing back-end with front-end and
joining a mailing list whose purposes is to facilitate learning GPG or PGP
is the way to go.