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Fri Jul 26 22:29:01 2002

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Hello Samuel,

Friday, July 26, 2002, 3:09:43 PM, you wrote:

CS> For me, unless it just takes more time I'd rather just do it at the
CS> command prompt then launch a gui. Perhaps that's one reason I prefer
CS> unix type systems over windows even though I'm forced to work almost
CS> exclusively on nt

I apologize if you feel offended. IMHO I should probably remember this
list seems skewed by non-Windows users. I maybe wrong.

I should add in my initial inquiry attempts of GPG I ran across this list.
Because of my recent experience with Windows I found my initial response
appropriate. I was just trying to help the individual out. I have been a
Windows users, but before that a DOS user. I recall a rather dramatic shift
in my thinking when I switched from DOS to Windows, so I can understand your

Based upon the initial inquiry's subject and your reply in
mid:77D3D7F5E6A8D411A67100508BB1E06A0C061739@IRPSATLEXCH01 I can see my
initial reaction to the inquiry is wrong. Again I apologize if you feel

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