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Rodney D. Myers rdmyers@netzon.net
Wed Jul 31 04:37:01 2002

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On 31-Jul-2002 Kai Raven wrote:
>> in my ~/.gnupg/options file, I have;
>> default-recipient-self
>> armor
>> This did work with gpg 1.0.6 ,but this does not seem to make any
>> difference in 1.0.7.
> You want always encrypt to yourself and to the origin recipient?
> Perhaps this helps:
>  --encrypt-to name
> Same as --recipient but this one is intended for
> use in the options file and may be used with
> your own user-id as an "encrypt-to-self". These
> keys are only used *when there are other recipi­
> ents* given either by use of --recipient or by
> the asked user id
> I think, default-recipient-self is only used, if no other recipient is
> selected.
> Ciao
> Kai

Thanks. I will attempt to modify my ~/.gnupg/options file tonight. 

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