3 big problems slowing GnuPG diffusion

pplf pplf@wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 31 11:25:02 2002


For info, there is a controversy (particularly in France and in the 
pro-privacy non-governmental organizations) about the GnuPG strategy and 
the lack of PGP alternatives in Windows for newbie computer end-users.

I don't want to talk about the GnuPG team strategy, but I want to point 
3 big problems slowing the GnuPG diffusion and which would be very easy 
to fix for them :

1) Rename the WinPT exe auto-installer "GPG for Windows" or "WinGPG"
-> The people don't understand why there is GnuPG, WinPT, GPGshell (!), etc.

2) Put the WinPT last stable version in the ftp.gnupg.org /win32 directory
-> The people try to download the win32 binary on ftp.gnupg.org and only 
find a command-line version, and they say :"GPG is an awful MS-DOS 
program, etc."

3) Delete all non-english pages (except german, I think) from 
www.gnupg.org because there are outdated
-> The "tag" at the bottom of the page (in english !) is not enough. In 
the fren page, french people download a GnuPG 1.0.0 version and an alpha 
win32 binary :-(



French OpenPGP page "OpenPGP en francais" http://www.openpgp.fr.st