gpgme_get_op_info about imports

Tiago Antao
Wed Jul 31 10:09:02 2002


Werner Koch wrote:

>>1. Shouldn't get_op_info always return something after a successful imp=
> No.
>>2. Is there another way to know a keyid from a public key block?
> We are working on it.

So, currently it is not possible to to know with detail what happened=20
after an import with gpgme? I would like to know which keys (and=20
sub-keys) were created in the keyring after an import.

>>Also it seems that when I do an import gpgme (and only one import)
>>creates 2 entries, like this:


> Ooops - there is a problem.  GnuPG 1.0.7?

Yes. If you want me to collect some other extra data or run any tests=20
just say.

Tiago Ant=E3o - RIPE NCC