1.07 RSA support questions

Larry Ellis Larry_C_Ellis@hotmail.com
Mon Jun 3 20:02:01 2002

Leigh S. Jones wrote:

> At the same time I was under the impression that 3DES
> has been supported in most PGP implementations that use
> RSA legacy keys.  Perhaps this is a non-issue, as 3DES
> just might do a very good job for you.  It's certainly strong
> enough to stop any corporate or organized crime attacks
> for the next decade.  But, I'll admit that years ago when I
> was a PGP 2 user I never paid much attention to the
> algorithms that it used.  In those days the US federal
> banking system was still using crypto devices that used
> 56 bit single DES and running modem connections through
> the public telephone lines.  I was quite perplexed to learn
> recently that the US system of ATM's still include many
> using dial telephone modem connections...

All of my issues on this question are now resolved.  Thanks to all who

As for the ATM issue, as I understand it, there are new standards mandating
the use of 3DES, which should make use of phone lines a non-issue (once
fully implemented, of course).  Anyhow,  there are much simpler ways to scam
ATM machines than trying to trap and decipher the communications.   You can
buy those machines from EBAY, and, once you've got one...well, I think we
all figure where it goes from there...