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David T-G
Mon Jun 3 21:12:02 2002

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David, et al --

=2E..and then David Champion said...
% * On 2002.06.03, in <>,
% *	"David T-G" <> wrote:
% >=20
% > Well, that might be livable.
% At least until the combined resources of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard can
% produce Hewlett-Compaqard Tru-Digital-UX /dev/random 1.0a....


% > not in my ~/.gnupg directory actually a tie back to /dev/random, or
% > something else?
% no, it's probably looking for an AF_UNIX socket named ~/.entropy, or
% whatever, such as that provided by egd (IIRC). Sorry -- thought you had
% this part in hand. :)

Well, I should, but it's always "just worked" and so I haven't had to
fight with it much :-)

Meanwhile, egd sounds familiar; maybe I should look more for that.  I
didn't see anything on it in the man pages or, not surprisingly, the help

% > % Solares can use Andreas Meier's independent implementation, "ANDIrand=
% > %=20
% > %
% >=20
% > Hmmm...  I wonder if later ones can use that out my home dir tree, too;=
% > don't see getting any patches installed any time soon, no matter how
% > worthwhile they might be :-(
% Most things can use egd -- some well, some not so well. I've always been
% underwhelmed by it, but it really depends on how many shell commands you
% can come up with that produce noise.

Hmmm...  Well, we'll see.

% (To swap over to /dev/random, you'd want to change to rndlinux as your
% GnuPG PRNG, instead of rndegd, which you're probably using now.)

Whatever *grin*

Time for me to catch up on some learning, it seems.

% --=20
%  -D.	NSIT	University of Chicago

Thanks & HAND

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