can't connect to .../entropy

David Champion
Mon Jun 3 20:46:01 2002

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*	"David T-G" <> wrote:
> Well, that might be livable.

At least until the combined resources of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard can
produce Hewlett-Compaqard Tru-Digital-UX /dev/random 1.0a....

> % you can get a /dev/random for Solaris 8 from patch 112438. Earlier
> Ahhh...  Well, there is that, but ...  Is the entropy that's apparently
> not in my ~/.gnupg directory actually a tie back to /dev/random, or
> something else?

no, it's probably looking for an AF_UNIX socket named ~/.entropy, or
whatever, such as that provided by egd (IIRC). Sorry -- thought you had
this part in hand. :)

> % Solares can use Andreas Meier's independent implementation, "ANDIrand":
> % 
> %
> Hmmm...  I wonder if later ones can use that out my home dir tree, too; I
> don't see getting any patches installed any time soon, no matter how
> worthwhile they might be :-(

Most things can use egd -- some well, some not so well. I've always been
underwhelmed by it, but it really depends on how many shell commands you
can come up with that produce noise.

(To swap over to /dev/random, you'd want to change to rndlinux as your
GnuPG PRNG, instead of rndegd, which you're probably using now.)

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