Cannot encrypt/decrypt zip-Files correctly

Steve Butler
Tue Jun 4 18:57:01 2002

Remember that a compressed file is a binary file.  You can't treat it as =
text file.  Now, if this compressed file is also an output from tar (a
compressed tarball) it will be even more unreadable by a human.

1.  Be sure you used binary mode to do the download (using FTP?)

2.  When you decrypt a binary file it will still be binary -- just not
encrypted.  So, that gzip file on your clipboard will still be a gzip =
(which you will have to decompress).

3.  If it was a compressed tarball you will have to uncompress it and =
it (winzip might handle some forms of a tarball).

Have fun.


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Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 9:18 AM
Subject: Cannot encrypt/decrypt zip-Files correctly

I=B4ve got a strange problem.  I try to encrypt a gz-file on my Linux =
using GPG, and download the encrypted file, and decrypt it with WinPT on =
That`s what I=B4ve tried in SHELL:

(17:23:59) [webseite] gpg -o out.txt -a -e --default-recipient akorthaus

in the same way I encrypted html-files which I could decrypt without any

Now I open out.txt and copied the code to my clipboard. After that I =
WinPT and decrypted the code from clipboard, that worked correctly, but =
result was:


As I allready said - the same way worked with html Files!

What could be the problem, or how can I decrypt complete files using =


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