Passphrase and swapfile (David Picón Álvarez)

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder
Thu Jun 6 15:54:01 2002

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On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 15:31, Leigh S. Jones wrote:
> Passphrase and swapfileDon't be to worried about your passphrase
> appearing in the swap file.  In a Gb of random
> data being updated every hour or so it's fairly=20
> likely that your passphrase will appear=20
> randomly a few times a day too, unless you
> have a whale of a passphrase.

I don't think it's likely for the passphrase to appear randomly: the
swapfile does not contain random data, but only text or program code
that is loaded - and a sequence of ascii chars is not too frequent in
program code, and if the passphrase appears 'just so' in normal text,
it's not too good anyway.

To the original problem: any disk editor will do it. Use google. (Of
course, there is always the possibility of switching to a decent
operating system :-)

Also, there was discussion on gnupg-devel recently on exactly this
problem and possible solutions. You may want to search the archives
(didn't follow the thread, don't know what the conclusion was).

-- vbi

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