Passphrase and swapfile (David Pic?n ?lvarez)

Thu Jun 6 18:13:01 2002

Peter T. Abplanalp schrieb:
> On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 02:46:35PM -0700, David Pic?n ?lvarez wrote:
> > I just got interested because I read of forensic software which can extract
> > information from swapfile, tnd they say it's quite powerful. I suppose it's
> > more of a theoretical danger, though, since I'm not a public enemy yet :-)
> yet?  what are your plans?  :-)

after 11th of september foreign students that paid their broadcasting fee 
(everybody who has a radio or tv-set SHOULD do so, but many people do not - its 
cheaper ;-) were suspicious to the local police because of this uncommon 
behavior. the moment david subscribed to a list that discusses encryption 
probably was the moment he became a potential public enemy.

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