Windows-PGP/Linux-GnuPG mails compatibility issues

Sun Jun 9 18:13:02 2002

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Hi all,

I've a question regarding GnuPG compatibility in mails : I run GnuPG on
Linux, but I've to deal with PGP users on windows. There are absolutely
no problem with pgp/gnupg files or keys itself (under certain
restrictions already mentioned in the GNuPG FAQ), but rather in mails :

To ensure compatibility with windows-pgp-users, I use to ciffer files
separately, rename it .gpg -> .pgp and join them as attachement, but
it's quiet frustrating :(

I run Gnus oort wich can deal with both inline encryption (mailcrypt) or
PGP-MIME (RFC 2015, wich is often said to be the most "standard") and
the problem is that :

=2D GnuPG Mime signatures appears like .dat files for windows users and
  they seem to be very perturbed by it :)

=2D inline encryption isn't automatically recognized by their mailers
(they should copy/paste the contents to deal with, but most of them
don't have this idea...  :b)

=2D PGP-MIME encryption isn't automatically recognized and sometimes isn't
recognized at all, although their mailer (mainly outlook...) is supposed
to be RFC 2015 compliant, and their PGP plugin seems to be correctly

So I would really enjoy some advises or solution or simple experiences
From=20GnuPG experts working in heterogeneous environment.

(I saw that GnuPG plugins for windows/outlook exist, but unfortunately I
can't ask my society's customers to install Cygwin-gnupg+plugin to be
compatible with me. Simple PGP use is already a challenge for them :)

question =3D ( to ) ? be : ! be;
                -- Wm. Shakespeare

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