Windows-PGP/Linux-GnuPG mails compatibility issues

Simon Josefsson
Sun Jun 9 19:08:02 2002

Virginie <> writes:

> - PGP-MIME encryption isn't automatically recognized and sometimes isn't
> recognized at all, although their mailer (mainly outlook...) is supposed
> to be RFC 2015 compliant, and their PGP plugin seems to be correctly
> installed.

Are you sure it is RFC 2015/3156 compatible?  Most Outlook PGP plugins

> So I would really enjoy some advises or solution or simple experiences
> From GnuPG experts working in heterogeneous environment.

The scheme that works with all Windows PGP users I've communicated
with is to apply vanilla OpenPGP inside each terminal MIME object
without modifying the MIME headers at all.

Gnus doesn't support this method (yet), so you will have to do it
manually, which isn't difficult.