Windows-PGP/Linux-GnuPG mails compatibility issues

Mon Jun 10 11:05:01 2002

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Hello Simon !

 On Sun, 09 Jun 2002 19:09:37 +0200, Simon wrote :

 > Are you sure it is RFC 2015/3156 compatible?  Most Outlook PGP plugins
 > aren't.

Not sure at all... I took a look at these URLs as reference, and still
have some misunderstanding about outlook capabilities :b
=2D> "MS Outlook Express (A rumor says, that it can handle RFC2015 with
the Plugins which come with PGP, but I know nobody, who got this

I've made a few tests with a friend using PGP6(including plugin for
outlook) on Windows XP+Outlook express and none of the methods (Inline
or MIME, with or without signatures) I tried friendly works :(

 > The scheme that works with all Windows PGP users I've communicated
 > with is to apply vanilla OpenPGP inside each terminal MIME object
 > without modifying the MIME headers at all.

It must be my poor english, but I fear I don't understand what you mean...

 > Gnus doesn't support this method (yet), so you will have to do it
 > manually, which isn't difficult.

 There is nothing Gnus can absolutely not do ;)
 NB : I've seen some criticizes about mime signatures, does it mean that
 I should use inline signatures instead ? (I used to limit inline
 signatures to usenet newgroup)=20=20

question =3D ( to ) ? be : ! be;
                -- Wm. Shakespeare

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