Windows-PGP/Linux-GnuPG mails compatibility issues

David T-G
Sun Jun 9 20:04:02 2002

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Virginie --

=2E..and then Virginie said...
% Hi all,


% I've a question regarding GnuPG compatibility in mails : I run GnuPG on
% Linux, but I've to deal with PGP users on windows. There are absolutely

Just shoot 'em :-)

Now, although it sure sounds like your users are stuck with Outhouse, it
would pay to make sure, since all you've said is "windows".  Are there
other flavors, like Eudora, TheBAT!, Pegasus, or something else?

% I run Gnus oort wich can deal with both inline encryption (mailcrypt) or
% PGP-MIME (RFC 2015, wich is often said to be the most "standard") and
% the problem is that :
% - GnuPG Mime signatures appears like .dat files for windows users and
%   they seem to be very perturbed by it :)

Yeah.  Silly LookOut! users.

% - inline encryption isn't automatically recognized by their mailers
% (they should copy/paste the contents to deal with, but most of them
% don't have this idea...  :b)

This is a subtle issue, but it's one which mutt, for one, has managed to
beat.  I don't remember all of the specifics, but it seems that OutOfLuck
needs a very particular header format, with various pgp/signature and
application/pgp-signature and text/plain or whatnot set.  You might be
able to fold and spindle your MUA to generate really, really, really
broken inline sigs and/or encryption so that even this can read it; you
might find the info you need by searching the mutt-users archives (linked
from for discussions of "create traditional" and Outlook.

% - PGP-MIME encryption isn't automatically recognized and sometimes isn't
% recognized at all, although their mailer (mainly outlook...) is supposed
% to be RFC 2015 compliant, and their PGP plugin seems to be correctly
% installed.

AFAIK LockOut does not in any way handle PGP/MIME.  I'd love to hear
otherwise, but I keep hearing that it won't.

% So I would really enjoy some advises or solution or simple experiences
% From GnuPG experts working in heterogeneous environment.

I use mutt and, when I have to have it easily readable by "those other"
users, I turn on the "traditional" method.  The 1.3.x development branch
and the new 1.4 stable release require a slight patch to really make the
breaking broken enough, but the 1.5.x branch currently under development
has that built in so that it's either PGP/MIME or thoroughly broken.

% (I saw that GnuPG plugins for windows/outlook exist, but unfortunately I
% can't ask my society's customers to install Cygwin-gnupg+plugin to be
% compatible with me. Simple PGP use is already a challenge for them :)

Yeah, I know what you mean.

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