Windows-PGP/Linux-GnuPG mails compatibility issues

Nick Andriash
Mon Jun 10 05:30:02 2002

Hello David T-G,

In Reference to your Posting on Sunday, June 09 2002 at 11:05 AM PDT,

> % - GnuPG Mime signatures appears like .dat files for windows users and
> %   they seem to be very perturbed by it :)
> Yeah.  Silly LookOut! users.

What is so silly about them David? Do you actually think it's the Users
that produce the attachments? It's you!! You send PGP/MIME messages to
this List for example,  knowing very well that few Mailers actually
support PGP/MIME. Why do you do that then? This is a GnuPG Users List and
not a Unix List. Spare us the attachments please.

Oh yes... one more thing... the Program is called Outlook!

Nick Andriash
Courtenay, B.C. Canada